by angelene

We bought a jack Russel and he gets allot of attention , he sleeps with us on the bed but if you call him he won't come to you he also do not want to jump what is wrong?


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Feb 18, 2012
JRTs Are Unique--"Average" People Need Not Apply!
by: Donna Crichton RN

Nothing strange about it--JRT's are not slavish animals--they are more intelligent human than dog.
He'll jump when the jumping is good and he'll come when it is necessary--My JRT sleeps with me and we are One. But then I was just like her before she came into my life, which means we have similar personalities,character,fierce integrity and sense of humor. We take no shit. We are the most loving. The Truth is: you are obviously unsuited to JRTs. Get a typical dog for typical people.

Oct 11, 2011
nothing wrong
by: Anonymous

There is nothing 'wrong' with your JR other then he think he runs the house. You've given him too much power and now he think's he doesn't need you. Stop talking to him (literally, Cesar Milan trick works wonders!) take away the anytime feeding (food left on the floor for anytime munching). This way, the JR has to come to you to see what you want from him, they are meant to please and if you stop talking to him he knows your not happy with his behaviour. Make him ASK you for breakfest and dinner rather than leaving it out.
STOP LETTING HIM SLEEP IN YOUR BED! That is YOUR bed and YOU are the alpha's in the house. As soon as you give them free run of your bed, the whole house soon become theres and they quickly stop listening to your commands...he doesn't NEED you.
send me an email (I have an JR who think's he's alpha and doesn't always listen) and we'll chat. andreaavjarvis at

Jul 28, 2011
strange behaviour
by: Anonymous

JRTs are very stubborn little dogs.Believe me I have a 3 year old .

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