Stop Whining and Crying Please

by luvadog
(Ontario Canada)


I have rescued a jack russel/border collie pup who is four months old! He was thrown out a car window.

He is excellent in every way except......whining all the time. My by law officer has stopped by and my neighbours are complaining.

So here is what I was told....shut him up or get rid of him.

So how do I shut him up?

Here is what I have tried

squirt bottle and firm voice saying NO!
The command QUIET
spray bark collar
shock bark collar
{all the bark collar did was cause him to bite us every time we touched his collar but he still howls and whines}

He whines whenever something is not his way

we walk to slow for him, we go in a direction he does not want to go, we place a baby gate up to prevent him from going in my bedroom because he has taken a liking to peeing on my bed....he howls at the baby gate

We play ball with him, walk him and tire him out but he still cries to much.

I thought a tired dog was a good dog but it is not working for this boy. His vocalness is creating an issue.

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Mar 26, 2009
bark collar
by: Anonymous

A Bark Collar is a safe, effective and humane way to train your dog not to bark too much.
Clinical studies conducted by the College of Veterinary medicine of Cornell University have proven that Spray Bark Collars are TWICE as effective as shock collars! Sonic dog barking collars are virtually ineffective compared to spray.

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