Jack Russel

Squrit The Ruler

by Penny Brantley
(Lawndale, NC USA)

The Ruler

The Ruler

I got squrit when she was about 3 weeks old The man I got her from was going to kill her because he didn't want the people that was buying the other pups to see her. She was born with out a tail and she had scabbys, I told him I would hit him in the head and I took her. I took her to the vet she cost me $432.00 dollars, weighed in at 8oz and was bearly alive. She is 4 years old now and is about 10 lbs over weight. I am working on that now. I call it our winter blues weight. She has healed me and my family. I lost my little girl to cancer 6 months before I got squrit. I know it sounds stupid but she knows when I am depressed and she tries to help by doing dumb stuff, like she will grab the pillows off the couch and try and run with them they are bigger then her,she is just so funny. She loves carrots, cabbage, beggin strips, bacon, pears, peaches and apples. If you have a jack love it and it will love you back 10 fold.

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Sep 28, 2008
To Squrit's parents
by: Herny's mom

Bless you for what you did. I'm reading this late, but to respond. I too received my "rescued" JRT at a low point in my life and he has been the reason I sometimes get up in the morning. Squrit will always remember what you have done for him.

Apr 06, 2008
Little Cutie
by: Jaon Thomas

She's such a little cutie! People are so wicked in this world. I'm so glad you found each other. It is very true if you love them they will love you more. I love jacks I have had 3 since i was a child and wouldn't have anything else.

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