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Spikey is so adorable. We got Spikey in February. This picture is when he was a puppy. he is now a year old! He loves to play and is very hyper. He is such a cute little smart one! If we tell him let's go for a walk, he will go and jump for the leash and take it to the gate and he will get ready before I will. He loves to go for walks. He knows how to kiss, sit, stand, shake hand, come, stop, go, stand, over there, there's a cat (he will run after it), look, and also plays hide and seek with us. We love him sososososososososo much and just to tell you he's a very smart dog, he knows everything. One day I opened the gate and didn't notice that Spikey went outside the gate when I was putting the rubbish outside. Then I went back in and I thought Spikey was inside. So I closed the gate without noticing he was still outside. After half an hour which we still haven't noticed that he has gone, Spikey came BACK AND WAS BARKING ON THE GATE SO WE COULD OPEN IT FOR HIM. We were so happy and I was surprised he came back and OMG FROM NOW ON EVERYWHERE HE GOES MY EYE IS ALWAYS ON HIM =) I love him...

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Feb 06, 2009
Spikey for Sale?
by: Jason

Is Spikey for sale? My parents have a Jack Russell and he was a huge blessing growing up with him. I would like my children to share the same experiences with a Jack Russell. If not, do you know a Corpus Christi based breeder?

Please respond to: the__chair@hotmail.com


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