Sophie and Tater

by Amanda Hinton
(Milton ON, Canada)

Sophie's at the top and Taters on the bottom.

Sophie's at the top and Taters on the bottom.

Sophie is absolutely adorable and extremely funny, and Tater is a fat head and is just as funny as his sister.When we first got Sophie and her brother Tater, they were trouble and we knew it, they chewed everything nipped at our fingers when we got home because of how excited they were to see us!. But then we started training them to come to the door with something in their mouth so they wouldn't nip us or any guests we had come over, so after about a month or two they finally picked it up and now Sophie comes to the door with one of her blanket's in her mouth and Tater comes with his kong. When they were just pups when ever we said ''peepee's'' to go outside they would tilt their heads side to side. Tater eventually stopped that but Sophie still does it now at 1 year old. She's got long legs like a baby deer and is very..''graceful'' to say the least and he is a shorty with stocky legs and very muscular. She loves to be in your face and cuddling shes my little dumdum, I call her that mainly because she's a little on the...unintelligent side, although she is quick to pick up tricks and commands she does a lot of silly things, when we give her an old sock she stick's her head inside of it and flops/runs around the house like the little crazy dog she is. But Tater he's a little on the stiff side, and sleeps in ways that don't look anywhere near comfortable, but when he knows your having a bad day, he comes and cuddles up with you and stays until he knows your better, but he is almost equally as funny as she is, since the day we got them he has loved playing with hair whenever I get on the floor he runs over and buries his snout into my hair and paws at it, its rather cute. When you see them, you never see them apart they are best friends and cuddle together and it is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Anyways I love them so much and personally I think they have the greatest personalities and they are absolutely adorable.

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