by John Frank
(Denton, TX)



Sniper was given to me by my uncle. To this this day, I still do not know how old he is. His original name was Cornbread, but I quickly changed that. It took me 3 days, yes 3 days, to train him to go outside. I am amazed at how obedient he is. He does like to attack my hand. I think he feels like it is not me, maybe just another entity that is always with me. He is also always digging. He gets on my bed and tries to dig through the comforter.

He is always looking around and any sound makes him more and more curious. In a way, he exhibits the same traits as a curious cat. I named him Sniper because sometimes it's hard to find him, but is normally so close. I just can't see him. He is so smart. Sometimes I feel like he needs more exercise, but we go out for walks at least once a day. If anyone can give me some tips and advice on this little guy, please feel free.

my email address is -

Thank you!

John P Frank
Denton, TX

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