Snappy Jack Russell

by Sinead

I wonder is there any way I can help relax my JR when visitors enter my home.

She is welcoming to women, however, when a man enters the house she is growling and has snapped at them, failing to bite them yet Thank God!
She also gets quite agitated when she hears noises, e.g Neighbor passing the window, housemate walking around upstairs. She starts to growl, bark and run quickly around the house.

I would appreciate any advice..

My JR is female and apprx 2 1/2 yrs old.

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Mar 12, 2011
@ My daisy
by: Anonymous

Like your JRT hates that little girl mine hates men - with the exception of 4-5 men she has gotten to know very well.
I wouldn't dream of having her around for parties either. My Mother takes her.
All I can seem to do is re-assure her and stay calm when she takes off. :(

Mar 11, 2011
my daisy
by: Anonymous

my girl JRT is pretty much the same way... whenever someone walks by the window she goes crazy, she barks and runs in circles if she hears/sees birds.... she is extremely jumpy on visitors, I can't really have parties, etc unless I leave her with afamily member, She hates my 2 year old niece and barks the ENTIRE time she is here, very draining... My Daisy is 10....

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