Snapping JRT

by Tula
(Scotland, UK)

Hi, I have just had a quick glance through your web page and think that its great, I have a question which I hope you will be able to help me with, my mum has a female Jack Russell, not sure which type, she must be at least 3 years old, has had 1 litter last year and is now neutered. She used to be a lovely natured dog, crazy about balls mind you and loves outdoors also. She still does bark one hell of a lot, but since her having puppies and being done she has changed. She is now quite snappy and growls an awful lot, especially at my mum and my daughter,who is only 1 year old. Also at other dogs or other people. My mum is finding it all a bit too much and doesn't know what to do. I myself am very worried that the Jack Russell will snap at my mum or daughter or even bite them, regardless of how much my daughter growls back!!! My mum does try to tell her off or even does try to discipline her when she has growled but nothing seems to be working. Could you please help as I am worried for everyone even the wee Jack Russell as I know what will happen to her if ever she does bite someone. Hopefully you will have some ideas for us.

Kind regards,


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