Smooth or Rough Coat?

by Julia
(Quakertown, PA, USA)

My husband is interested in getting a JR puppy in a couple months. Both parents have rough coats. I have heard that you can't tell if a dog will have a smooth or rough coat when they are puppies. Is this true? And is it possible for 2 rough coat parents to produce a smooth coat puppy?

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Jan 18, 2008
Coat Question
by: Pics & Tics

Hi Julia!

How's the weather in PA?

It's true that sometimes one cannot tell if a Jack will have a rough coat or smooth coat. Not always, but a good part of the time really. By the same token, my Annie's ears layed down as pretty as your best classic Jack at the first, and now they stick up (called prick ears)3 inches straight up!

It is possible for 2 rough coats to produce a smooth coat since somewhere in their genetic make-up there had to be some smooth coat genes.

I guess Jacks can be sometimes like a box of never know what you might get. But mostly, depending on the breeding of the parents, you can predict a pup that will be very similar to the parents.


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