Skittles 13 wonderful years

by Janice Warham
(Lexington, SC)

I lost my Skittles, my very best friend a week ago today

I cradled her in my arms and kissed her beautiful face as she passed away

Then I closed her big brown eyes and held her close to my heart
Crying tears of sadness because now we had to part

She left her paw prints on my heart for she was my true and faithful friend
And on her last night as I tucked her into my bed she protected me until the very end

I loved her more than anyone will ever know
and the hardest thing I ever did was to let her go

Right now there is a big hole in my heart
Because she and I must be apart

Her whole life she lived just for me
She was happiest when it was me she did see

Unconditional love I learned from her
She was by far my best teacher

I thought I was her master but that is not true
I was her person and she ruled me through and through

I know she is in a very special place
And one day I will again kiss her sweet face

I thank God for my special friend
And can't until we will be together again

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