Sir Jack Ass Russell Bodner

by Penny Bodner

This is Devil Dog

This is Devil Dog

Devil Dog

By Penny Bodner
Copywrite March 2007

You came into our lives just a few short weeks ago
Upon my chest, inside my shirt, with my heart aglow
Travelling two hundred miles to get to your new home
I stopped to get some gasoline, light on in the dome
Your sweet face looking up at me, no way for me to know
That you would be a Devil Dog, Jack Ass I love you so!

Six weeks old, a gift to me, from friends in Tennessee
Pick of the litter, a pretty pup, for ole Sweet Pea
Jack Russells are a special breed, a mind that's all their own
Hyper little Devil Dog, you snap at me---then you're gone
Snuggle bug, my baby, the cats can hardly stand you
My Devil Dog, you've trained me well---I clean up your poo!

I like to tease you, telling you, I'll sell you to the Devil
I'm baby talking as you smile, knowing I'm not on the level
You'd guard the gates of Hell, while chewing up my shoe
The Devil would probably bring you back---bid you quick adieu
You aren't afraid of anything---you think you're ten feet two
Barking like a big dog, ever since your first debut!

Oh Devil Dog, grunts like a hog, he chews and bites my toes
Humping cats, not knowing why, but that's just how it goes
Fur is flying, but he's not crying, the cats are on the run
Just having fun, my puppy one, and when the day is done
My Devil Dog curls up with us in our queen sized bed
King of our Universe, contented, underneath our bedspread...

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Jan 07, 2009
I Understand!
by: Anonymous

Cleaning his poo and shouting at him to leave your shoes. I go through the exact same thing.

Why do dogs have to poo???

Oh please oh please tell my why oh why???

Feb 28, 2008
You're lucky
by: Doreen

So lucky to have such a dog - a dog that prompts an owner to write poetry! This is the kind of stuff that makes life fun!

Feb 23, 2008
What a cute devil!
by: Pics & Tics

Oh my goodness Penny! What a scrumptious little Jack! He has that devilish look in his eye. And what a hilarious poem. Thank you so much for this really fun contribution.


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