Should A Jack Russell Be Neutered?

by Trish
(Fayetteville, NC)

Reader Question: Should I Neuter My Puppy?

I’m so on the fence about this. I don’t plan to breed him. But I have read different research that has me confused. I knew I would wait until he was a year and a half old. So that he would fully developed. He is that old now. However, my boyfriend has been talking me out of getting Jasper fixed. Jasper is a really great dog aside from the shedding that isn’t his fault. But lately he has become aggressive. Mainly toward my boyfriend when he gets close to me. I don’t want him to get aggressive toward kids in my family that visits often. That would be my only concern. I was told getting him fixed would correct this.

Any thoughts?

Veterinarian Suggestions For Neutering Puppies


Preventing aggression is one of the most important reasons why veterinarians typically recommend that all male dogs not destined for use in a breeding program be neutered. I’m afraid that neutering is most effective in this regard when it is performed before aggression develops, but there is still a big potential benefit for you and your dog if you have the procedure performed as soon as possible.

Just be aware that it may not be a cure-all, and you might still have to work with him on his behavior after he has recovered from the surgery.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Oct 26, 2013
by: Emma

All round Neutering is beneficial to both male & Female (jacks) Dogs! My F Jack was 13 and suddenly fell dangerously ill! after rushing her to RSPCA Putney they diagnosed her with pyometra (PLEASE GOOGLE) life threatening condition! and they saved her life! We should be rescuing not breeding as a lot of over breeding not only causes distress in itself for a lot of animals, but results in abandoned, unwanted animals that suffer or are destroyed so PLEASE be a responsible pet owner!

Sep 18, 2012
aggressive jack russell
by: shellplen

Neutering wont stop his aggression. He thinks he is top dog and if anyone comes too close he will show this behaviour. My Jrt started this behaviour with my boys, if he was with my husband he would bare his teeth and growl. We sorted it by making sure that my husband ignored him when he came home until he had spoken to us, when he went for a walk he went through the door last. You just have to put him in his place.

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