Shasta & Spencer

by Joseph

Here is a photo of my two JRT's they are 15 weeks old. We have had them 2 weeks now,,, and WOW!!! it's a double take of pure enjoyment!!! They have truly brought so much needed life back into our home since my two other dog's passed away a couple of year's ago from old age... The house and yard have been so quiet for the past two year's that it's such a nice change... The pup's are brother and sister with totally different personalities; Little Shasta enjoys snoop'in in the backyard with myself and also hunting around for tasty treat's like snails and bug's,,, Little Spencer is different he enjoys being in the house getting treats from Mom and looking out the front window and barking at whatever comes down the street... These pup's are a true blessing to come into our household and also make our upcoming Christmas holidays all the more special...

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