by Mallory

My dad has a 6 year-old Jack Russell and thinks he had a seizure... The dog fell to the floor and was seizing and tried to get up and fell over but his eyes did not start rolling in the back of his head... What could have caused this and is it likely to happen in this breed?

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Sep 06, 2017
jack russell seizures
by: Missbee

my JR started taking seizures about 6 yrs ago at age 5 First vet we saw said beef can cause these so we refrained from giving him beef but he still had seizures We moved and new vet said the seizures don't hurt him they can give medication if we want but not a must. I also heard JR are a breed that does have seizures however I know of others with JR and theres have never had them and when I asked the lady we bought him from as she bred them and she said her dogs never had them so not sure if it is normal for this breed or just my JR for some reason. My JR had 3 seizures two days ago which is odd and only happened once before. he usually has one about every six weeks that's weve seen. Can you advise anything different

Aug 25, 2010
To the Vet.
by: Anonymous

I would get him checked out as soon as possible as there are many causes and can be controled easily if dealt with quickly, and no it is not common to the breed something is wrong, please don't delay and put the poor dog through more stress.

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