Scrappy Our Jack Russell Terrier

by Sigourney

Scrappy the Jack Russell Terrier

Scrappy the Jack Russell Terrier

This is Scrappy, our little baby boy! He is almost 17 months old and is the most excitable little puppy! He loves his cuddles and kisses, loves meeting new people and especially loves meeting other dogs in the park as he wants to play with everyone!! He is so loving and affectionate yet protective and strong willed. He loves his squeaky toys and making lots of noise with them, and likes learning new tricks! When he is not doing that, he is quite content to just lay on our laps and watch tv with us! His favourite programme is Its Me or The Dog .. he has been known to grumble and growl at the exceptionally naughty dogs! Everyone who meets him falls in love with him and im sure they would take him home with them if they had the chance! We honestly could not imagine our lives without him now, he is just the best dog! Everyday he makes us smile and laugh, and has brought us so much happiness already!:)

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