Scatter "the Pet Therapy dog"

by Joan McCormack
(Hamilton Ontario Canada)

Scatter's first day on the job

Scatter's first day on the job

Scatter is a 3 year old pet therapy Jack Russell who works in Hamilton Ontario. He worked everyday at a seniors day program since he was eleven weeks old. He spends his days at the church greeting each senior as they arrive for their day. He sits on laps and always seems to know who needs him most. Today one of our seniors had a nasty cut on his finger which had been bandaged up and as soon as he arrived Scatter jumped up on his lap as if knowing that the man needed some extra TLC. Scatter has a way with alzheimer patients and has been known to sleep on the lap of a lady who found it difficult to settle. The only time she would stay still was when she had to puppy sit, and lord help you if you came along and disturbed the dog! During exercise time Scatter plays ball. He gets as much exercise as the seniors do. He holds an orange hockey ball in his teeth and chases around a large beach ball. The seniors throw the ball and Scatter bounces it back to them with his nose. He does this until he is worn out and then he goes for his drink of water. The seniors are very fond of Scatter and look for him whenever they come in. He has made a huge difference in many lives over the past three years.

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