Say "Hey" to Double J

by Frederica Brown
(Fort Mill, SC)

Meet Jack Jack

Meet Jack Jack "Double J"

"Jack Jack" is 6 weeks old in this picture - we just got him and he's getting used to us more and more every day. I think he is probably the smartest dog I have ever encountered! He figured out how to sit for a treat in 5 minutes and then when I moved on to "gimmee five", he kept waving his paw in the air over and over as if to say... "Really! I'll put my paw way up AGAIN for one of those yummy treat thingys! PLEASE?"

Surprisingly, he loves sleeping, which is a true blessing! But when his switch is in the "ON" position, he's WIDE OPEN, until he runs out of gas. Then he'll plop down wherever and take a snooze! Even if it's in the middle of walk around a soccer field! We hope to get him in on the local frisbee catching circuit when he's old enough!

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Jun 05, 2008
Too Cool
by: Larry V Walker

JJ is a gem, lots of work ahead of you but be patient.

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