Santa Oreo

by Kasey
(Pukalani, Hi)

Our first Christmas 2008

Our first Christmas 2008

We bought our Jug (JRT and PUG), a year ago and his name his Mochi. He needed a friend and mate to play with, and my husband Ken and I found him a sweet, mellow little cookie, who we named Oreo. She loves to lick faces and toes, wiggles when held, she steels everything Mochi decides to play with, toys, bones, and attention from us! She's got to be the Princess after all. I always heard owning a JRT was difficult but she on the otherhand is quite the opposite, she's so easy going and has only gotten in to things as all puppies do when not being paid attention to. She just turned eight month old and I wouldn't trade them for the world!

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