by Barbe
(Hamburg, NY)

Sam on the Hunt

Sam on the Hunt

Sam, is the most wonderful dog in the whole world. I got him when he was 6 years old from the SPCA. He was a dog that was abused by previous owners so awfully that he was taken from them. He only weighed 10 pounds when they took him away. When I brought him home, I only had one cat and they got along famously, chasing each other and having a grand old time.

Sam is such a loving dog, stays with me at all times, loves to go outside and run around and sniff everything in site...

I entered Sam in a contest we had in our town, "Cutiest pet in Hamburg". Sam won the contest, collecting the most money for a good charity. Since the contest, where ever we go now, every knows Sam. He loves the attention too!

Sam is one of three dogs, three cats, 10 fish and 5 birds and loves all the excitement that goes on from day to day...Sam is very protective of our newest member, little Oreo.

Sam is now 8 years old, but you wouldn't even know it. He is still full of excitement, and has lots of energy!!!

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