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by elaine steele

Why would my Jack Russell start peeing on the carpet after three years, she never did before, how much does A Jack need to out go to pee, she gets a 1/2 -1hr everyday and 15 min at night about 9:00. This seems to happen while I am sleeping so I don't hear her go to the door. She dislikes rain & doesn,t like to go out in it but will when I take her for a walk. She has a yard but doesn't like to do her business in her own yard. Could this be a bladder infection or ti,e for a vet visit?\

Thx Elaine

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Feb 04, 2010
night time
by: Anonymous

In the wild dogs would have a den, get your dog a den...a crate. My Jack runs into his crate when he knows he has done something wrong...home free and when the kids bother him. This will solve the peeing problem. Dogs do not see a crate as a cage like we do. Never put him in it when he is bad. Watch The dog whisperer, Cesar Millan.

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