Sadie Mae The Lifeguard

by Mark Trimmier
(Garland, Tx.)

Sadie Mae and Autumn

Sadie Mae and Autumn

Sadie Mae was as beautiful, smart and loyal as any dog could be. Her and her mate (Skippy) loved to swim in our neighbors pool. While Skip indulged in retrieving tennis balls from the pool, Sadie kept all the toddlers away from the pools edge. Sadie would literally get in between the child and the pool's edge to keep them from getting in. Nobody taught her this, it was all God-given instinct. Once while having a birthday party for one of the neighbors grand kids, we were all distracted singing "Happy Birthday" to the child, one of the other kids snuck into the pool without their floaties. Sadie Mae started barking suddenly, alerting everyone by running and almost jumping onto the birthday cake. We turned to look at the pool and the child's fingertips were all that was above water. Needless to say the child was scooped out of the pool and was OK. Sadie received a piece of birthday cake and the name "Lifeguard". She was my dog, my shadow, our family protector. She developed a close relationship with my deaf wife, alerting her when someone was at the door or the phone was ringing. Sadie was my daughter's playmate and best friend. Sadly one day as my wife went through the gate, Sadie bolted after a squirrel which crossed the street, Sadie in pursuit. All I heard was my wife's screaming, Sadie did not see the car that was coming. I went outside and got her from underneath the tire, held her close to me and told her how much she was loved. Sadie died in my arms shortly after. Not a day goes by that she isn't missed, and though we got another JRT, which looks different, she has become almost like Sadie at the pool and home. But there will never be another Sadie Mae.

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