Sabrina Valery

by Rose Marie
(Ormond Beach, Fl.)

Lets  Ride

Lets Ride

Puddin Jack Russell

Who loves to ride with mom and dad. She never meets a stranger. She is very sweet, loves children and full of free kisses for all that she meets. She loves to be around other animals.She loves to play with our cat that she's grown up with and plays tug rope with the tea cup chihuahua that's she has mothered since she was add to our family. And then there is the whistle she hears when the cockatoo whistles for her to come to him. She has a very well rounded personality for a Jack Russell. She's always there when your down and in need of a pick up. We have had her now for five years and very glad she is in our lives. Oh yeah Sebrina says to tell you she is sending you lots of kisses. KISSES! KISSES! KISSES!

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