Robbin's Rescued Russells

by Robbin Grabowski
(June Lake, California)

* In It To Win It (INDY 2nd dog from left) *Rescued from kill shelter

* In It To Win It (INDY 2nd dog from left) *Rescued from kill shelter

Robbin?s Rescued Russells is operated by Robbin Grabowski and is located thirty minutes North of Mammoth Lakes California. I take in Jack Russells who need new homes due to the current owner?s living situation (referred to as Owner Surrendered). I also rescue unwanted or abandoned Jack Russells who end up at county animal shelters where the shelter?s kill rate percentage is above average for the state of California which are known as High Kill Rate Shelters (Usually the higher percentage is due to the lack of space at the county shelter to house the large number of animals that enter their system daily). When these Jack Russells enter my program I welcome them into my home and they live with my personal dogs until I can find appropriate new homes with people who understand and accept the characteristics of this energetic and devoted breed. Please check out my websites and

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Sep 19, 2009
Wonderful Jack Russell For Adoption
by: Anonymous

I am currently sitting a Jack Russell that is a great. Approx 2-3 yr old, well trained, well cared for, nuetured. Owner, works, attends school and does not have time to commit to this dog, and he is a doll.

I cannot keep, have a 20 year old cat and 18 yer old dog, that cannot accept him. They come first to me, and I cannot let them be stressed, my cat is deaf and cannot relax, the Jack wont leave her alone, and I do not want to Isolate either of them. The owner of the Jack is just going to give him to anyone, that does not set well with me, I want him to have a good home, not another person who doesn't understand these high energy dogs.

I really would like to find someone who would care for Jack until he finds a home. He is housebroken, sleeps with you, if you let him, and is a sweety. But he doesn't like cats and he refuses to let that go. I have had this breed before and I train dogs, but I don't have the time to do this training due to the health of my cat. I don't want her stressed like she is.

Let me know if you know of a place for her before her owner takes her back. he is here on tryout, and I would love to Keep him, but not at the expense of my other 2 babies. They are too old to share me now.

Thank You

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