Jack Russel

Riley Russell

by Bill Limebeer
(Guelph Ontario Canada)

Riley Russell

Riley Russell

Riley, extremely intelligent and Feisty, by some miracle survived Parvo virus as a Puppy. I think His spirit pulled Him through! He was pretty scrawny when we first got together so I filled His face with raw beef and tons of exercise. He would chase the flashlight beam up and down My steep staircase and all over the house until I relented. We walked thousands of miles around the city of Guelph and He hunted down at least 10 squirrels, He was as fast as lightning. He always knew where the vermin were! Every night was playtime, whatever game He decided we were going to play.

Sometimes His one of many ropes, balls, even sticks or whatever He had stashed in the couch. He insisted on bringing sticks into the house and chewing the bark off of them to get it all over the living room rug. Just TRY to the stick away from Him! Riley succumbed to kidney failure in December of 2008, at only 8 1/2 years old. Broke our hearts, We Loved each other so much. He was truly an amazing individual. Loved Forever!

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