Restless Jack Russell

by Sharon Johnson

My 2 year old Jack Russell has suddenly changed her behavior on a night. She was spayed at 6 months. Normally after her 45 minute walk and ball throwing play she comes into the house and sits on her blanked on the couch with me for the rest of the night (she is quite obsessed with me and follows me everywhere). However over the last couple of nights she has either been lying at the back door mat or wants to sit on my husbands lap and seems extremely hungry. After a couple of hours she now gets into bed with our older dog. She is still obsessed with me but seems not to be able to settle on a night until it is actually bedtime.

Anyone help it is so out of character.

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Sep 23, 2010
Restless Jack
by: Anonymous

Perhaps she just want to sit outside while the weather is good, one of my Jrt's does this and does not come in until almost dark when I close the back door.

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