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Questions About My Cosmo

by Lisa
(Mentor on the Lake, OH USA)

He is about 6 months old. I got him from a local breeder last Friday. The pup belonged to the breeders mum, but she took ill. So, I adopted him. He is cute and frisky. However he soils (wee wee and poo) his wire crate and will not make outdoors no matter how long I have him outside. Last night his cage was clean, and I took him out at 5am and he would not make. I fed and gave him water and then took him out again, no luck. I went to work and my daughter takes care of him in the daytime. She also takes him out frequently as well. He has been wormed 4 times and 3 sets of puppy shots. Vet visit in next Monday. He is walking better on the leash with coaxing and a training treat. He comes to the door when called to go for a walk. I know it is a big adjustment, but why is he not eliminating outdoors? Am I being a bit paranoid here? I appreciate all your help and advice. Thank you, Lisa

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Jul 14, 2008
My Thanks to All
by: Cosmo

I've been working really hard with Cosmo. I can't get the outside pen, as I live in an apartment and could really not afford the expense anyway. I have a stake (the kind that screws into the ground) and run I do use and only when I am outside with him. I never leave him on the run when he is alone. He actually likes the run. It is 15 feet, I think. I take him out a lot, really. He is making wee-wee out but still poo-poos his crate. Still working on that area. My daughter is helping as much as she can when I am at work. I feed him BilJac puppy food (dry) and his stools are smaller than when he was on the Purina puppy chow. He is healthy and had a vet visit last week. I think he is learning, but it is slow going. I know JRT are pretty smart pooches, as everyone tells me. I'll keep you all updated.

Jul 14, 2008
by: Mary-Harborview JRTs


Go to your nearest Petco or Petsmart and get an exercise pen (x-pen) and set up up just outside your door. Feed 2x per day at the same time. I have found it better to feed the last meal of the day just at bedtime and put to bed. Then first thing in the morning, as early as possible, pick up Cosmo and put him in the e-pen and leave him there till he goes. Then and only then can he get out and play. He might have been left in his crate too long prior to your getting him and allowed to soil his crate so he doesn't know better. Lots of trips outside. Set him up for success not failure. Don't punish his mistakes, ignore him and get him out more. The x-pen will be "his place to go". If he gets too much space he will spend his time sniffing and investigating everything and not go. So less space, a specific place and you'll do fine.

Jul 08, 2008
Doo Doo's
by: moo

Try putting food bowl outside when fed and if possible to do so (cant escape) leave alone without watching over waiting holding onto the lead, just keep an eye out from the window you may be surprised.

Jul 04, 2008
by: penny

Hey Cosmo,

When I started training my squrit to boo-boo outside I had to take her food up, I feed her when I got up in the morning, then 45 min later I put her on her leash and took her outside. I took her to one spot in the yard, that was her spot. It took me about 5 days, but she learned to go to the door to let me know she needed to boo-boo, or pee-pee. When she does it right make sure you tell her good girl, and pet her good,hope this helps.


Jul 03, 2008
Can't anyone help!!!
by: Lisa

Please, I'm lost here. Cosmo won't "make" outside at all. It's getting a bit frustrating.

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