by Pamela
(San Francisco)

I Can Be Soooo Sassy!!

I Can Be Soooo Sassy!!

Pumpkin is about a year old and is such a rascal but very sweet and loving. She loves to guard the house and becomes quite ferocious when she hears people outside or animals. She loves to play tug of war with anything that she gets her teeth into…she has a mischievous nature and will get stuff that isn’t hers and scoot under the bed with it. She loves to follow me around the house and sits on my lap when I am watching TV when she is not trying to get into stuff. She reminds me of a two year old wanting attention. She will do stuff when I am on the phone and when I am talking to people. She has a comical side and does the ‘turbo thing’ through the house when she gets excited. She runs from one end of the house to the other and bounces off furniture and walls…and I am speaking literally here. She loves our pet bunny and greets her in the morning when I go to feed her. She also gets jealous of bunny! Pumpkin is very smart and knows how to wiggle out of trouble by doing the ‘bang-bang’ which is my term to her for playing dead and rolling over. (I point and go “bang-bang” and she drops to the floor and rolls over and lies there). She also knows the command ‘sit’ but sometimes will do bang-bang when one tells her to sit! She is a typical JR with lots of personality and never boring. She also loves to snuggle at night and sleeps like a baby! I love waking up to her snuggled up on my pillow.

She is a bit spoiled and I also dress her in doggie clothing. I have recently taken to a raw chicken diet for her which she adores!

I would have about ten Jack Russells if I could. I love them!

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Nov 15, 2007
by: Barbara G

Pumpkin is so..... cute. I'm glad you have fun with her. Did you dress her up for Holloween?

Nov 09, 2007
Now this is a Jack Russell!
by: Pics & Tics

Everything about her reeks Jack Russell Pamela.

Love this dog.


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