potty training stubborn puppy

by Charmonique
(South Africa)

Good day!

We have recently gotten 2 JRT puppies. A male, 8 weeks old and a female, 7 weeks old.

We are trying to train them to do their 'business' outside.

The male seems to be getting the picture SLOWLY but surely.
However, I don't know what to do with the little female.

I take her outside every so often (every half hour to an hour).
If any of them 'do' something on the grass I praise them lavishly and give them a treat. She is OK with this during the day when it is warmer. However, in the evenings, when I take her outside, she does nothing (except shiver - she must be so cold, it is winter here now) But then we come inside, she scoots around the corner and soils on the carpet.

I don't often catch her in the moment and I only notice a minute or 2 later, by which time I have heard there is no point in trying to discipline her for it.

What do I do if she willfully does this, although i know its only when she is to cold to go outside?

Your response and advice is GREATLY appreciated! ;)

Thank you!

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