Potty Training and older JRT

by Amy
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

We recently welcomed a new member to our family - Daisy. She's 14 months old, full of energy. She's a long-haired variety, with prick ears (that like you I LOVE).

Her previous owner adopted her from the SPCA after a puppy mill was broken up. The owner also has a Pom-Chi??? and apparently the dogs didn't get along and she wanted to find a better home for Daisy.

Would you have any recommendations on potty-training? With our Border Collies, we had them as pups. Daisy came to us from a country home and potty-training wasn't a priority I guess. Since she's older, are there any words of wisdom you might have?

She also has what I like to call EB - excited bladder. She'll piddle just a little bit when she gets really excited (which apparently is over just about everything). Of course, since I gave birth five years ago, I piddle a little myself from time to time, so I'm not holding it against Daisy. Is that something that is just part of her personality you think?

I totally agree with you about kids and JRTs...Daisy and Parker (my daughter) are inseparable and it is such fun to see them both hopping along in the backyard as if they have known each other all their lives.

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