Possessive Milo

by Maggie Fennell
(East London, South Africa)



Good Day All

We have a 2 year old Jack Russell, Milo. Milo has been with us for a month now. He is the best thing that ever happened to my Fiance and myself. We do not have children or other pets and Milo is our baby.

He has settled down unbelievably well. Follows us where ever we go, in fact, Milo is everywhere we are!!

Our next door neighbors have 2 female JRT's and one female, mixed breed, Savanna. Savanna is a large dog. Milo gets on with the 2 JRT's like a house of fire but as soon as Savanna approaches us he growls. We have a feeling that during the day they get on just fine, the problems starts when we are home.

We live on a farm and our two townhouses have no fencing between them. Savanna got use to come and visit before Milo's arrival.

I would very much like for them to get along better. Milo is at his worst with her when he has a toy.

Any suggestions please!!!.....

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Nov 03, 2008
by: Bezzie

The best way to make the two dogs become more acquainted is to have them spend time together with no other dogs around. This should be highly supervised and both dogs on leashes. No toys, no other dogs, no other distractions. If one of the dogs starts to growl, immediately remove them from the situation and try again another day. Eventually the growling should subside, and be sure to highly praise all positive behaviour each time.

Aug 27, 2008
Thank you Mary
by: Maggie

Hi Mary,

Thank you for your response. Please do let me know should you come up with an idea I could try. What worries me is that Savanna is much bigger (big mixed breed) dog than Milo. He is the one that growls at her. Just concerned that she will get fed up and attack him!!!

Aug 26, 2008
by: Mary Harborview jrts


He's very cute. Jacks can become very territorial over their humans and can reach a point where they will attack another dog that gets too close to their humans. This can happen within the family unit also. And toys, well they can become the killed prey in the eyes and mind of a jack, and will not relinquish or let any other dog near them. I would suggest not giving him a toy when neighbors dog is around. Now about when you are home, that's gonna be tough. Not sure how to handle that one right now, but I'll think on it.

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