Poop Eater Help!

by Laura

Oh my goodness my jack russell mixed with chauiaa 3 year old boy is constantly eating his own poop, other dogs poop, and cat poop. I have no idea to stop this obsession with poopy, but i'm at my wits end with the cleaning of throw up and half eaten poop. please if you have any suggestions let me in on the tips.

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Mar 24, 2008
Poop Eater
by: Marc

Another suggestion to pepper would be cayenne pepper. A few tastes if that and he may no longer be interested!


Feb 12, 2008
by: Pics & Tics

Hi Laura,

Oh what a disgusting behavior. I thought of two things you might try. Put pepper (a lot) on poop, all the poop you can find for as long as it takes. This is done to flower beds to prevent dogs from harming flowers because dogs don't like the smell of pepper. But watch to see he doesn't go ahead and eat the peppered poop. He shouldn't, but watch to prevent him from it just in case. It's worth a try? Also, if you'd rather, when you catch him eating poop have a water spray bottle handy and spray him with it and scold him. Try to do it several times a day so he understands this is unwanted behavior.

Anyone else have experience with this kind of doggy behavior and have some better solutions? We're all ears.

Good luck Laura.


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