Polly and Max

by Tina
(Kent, England)

Short, Mostly White with their own unique hair.

They command attention by just being there!
Loving, annoying, cute and naughty, they can look really tough but are really big softies.

Embarrass you when you take them out, watching their bottoms disappear out of sight.
Call and whistle as much as you like - that rabbit is the only thing they have in their hearing and sights.

They are both rescue dogs are our Polly and Max, thrown away by some low lifes with no compassion or angst.

Sometimes they cuddle each other in a loving embrace, but mostly they scrap, steal toys from each other and just race and race and race.

I love my jack russells to their very core, and could quite easily become a jack russel bore.
There's something quite special about these little canine, and I am so proud to say 'Yes they are mine' (Well most of the time)!

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