Pointing Feet

by Shamir
(South Africa)

I noticed that some JRTs have feet that tend to point outwards. Is this an abnormality? I am looking at getting one as a pet and not for showing, but would not like to do injustice to the dog in that he suffers his whole life long.

Thanks for the great site!

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May 08, 2008
Mister - JRT feet
by: Shamir

Thanks Mary,

I will have a look when getting one and will definitely take up the 48 hour option.

Shamir (South Africa)

May 07, 2008
by: Harborview-Mary

It's called "toeing-out" or in the rear feet "cow-hocked". It is not good for showing, but it is fine for a pet. no pain. If the legs are positioned straight and you don't see limping I would say, the puppy is fine for a lifetime companion. You should for any puppy you purchase make sure you get it to a vet for a complete physical within 48 hours of purchase. This should be on the contract of purchase from the breeder and the breeder should stand behind the puppy. If your vet finds anything detrimental to the puppies health, you should return to the breeder for full refund. But you must have this in the contract and abide by the 48 hour rule. Good luck!

Mary and Harborview Crew

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