by Dan Bates
(Flower Mound Texas)

Hark, hark the dogs do bark,

and I think they bark at you.
As time goes on and I got old,
our walks became too few.

You do not worry,
when I would seem too tall.
For as we walk, you set
your path upon a wall.

You sometimes struggle with
the world beyond your paws.
But in your heart, you always
forgive me of my flaws.

With me you're always patient
when dinner is delayed.
Your faith that I will feed you,
means you're not dismayed.

You love the world around you
filling you with joy.
As you pursue a grasshopper,
thinking it's a toy.

You are never mad at me,
cause I make you wear a bell.
Warning bunny rabbits,
it's time to run like hell.

When lifes circumstances,
fill me with dismay.
You remind me of your love,
when you tell me we must play.

You find satisfaction
chasing a frizbee or a stick.
Then you tire and jump in my lap,
for a face you have to lick.

When we walk, you listen
to every word I say.
replacing things you want
with things that are just okay.

For me, unconditional
is how that you do love.
Reminding me what I receive
from my father thats above.

God loves us is a fact
never lost within a fog.
For of all the creatures he hath made,
for me, he made my dog.

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