Petie has finally found a "Forever Home"

by cindy hopkins
(santa cruz, CA)

Sweet Pete!

Sweet Pete!

We are Petie's 4th owners. We have had Petie for 2 years now. He is 5 and WE LOVE HIM! It is heartbreaking that anyone would have given him away. He is so attached to us. We had our last dog, (HERMAN) for 22 years and waited a year after putting him down before finding Petie on Craigs List.

I didn't even know dogs were like Petie. He is like a little kid in many ways. He makes us laugh every day with his antics and human-like insecurities. We can't even believe how lucky we were to be looking for a new dog for the fist time in 23 years and find him "free to good home".

Petie will be with us as long as he lives. He is so much fun!

Cindy and Frank

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