Jack Russel

People Aggression

by Della Curtis
(Hertfordshire England)

We have 6 dogs (3 JRTs & 3 German Shepherds ) 6 months ago we adopted our latest Jrt who at 3 yrs old had already had 4 homes and spent 18 months in rescue kennels. He gets on wonderfully with our other dogs, is very well behaved in every aspect except that he suddenly turns on myself or my husband for no reason, biting and drawing blood. For instance, he goes to hydrotherapy each week , just because he loves swimming, and while we were waiting outside yesterday to go in for our appointment, he was sitting on my lap in the car. I was stroking his head and he kept nuzzling me each time i stopped for me to continue. then right in the middle of a stroking session he bit my hand drawing blood. He has been to the vet to make sure he has no underlying medical problem but this is definitely psychological. There is no question of us returning him to the rescue center as we were his last chance and a few bites far outway the love and affection he gives but we would really like to understand what goes on in his mixed up little head to literally bite the hand that feeds him. He is not aggressive in any other way and does not give any warning before he bites, I hope someone can help us . Many thanks

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Apr 27, 2010
trust issues
by: Anonymous

I think your little JR has been abused at some in its life--I think like when your petting and all of a sudden get bitten its like he trust you but then all of a sudden he's not sure--at any rate he needs to stop this I agree with the other commenter that a muzzel might work-next time this happens just gentley slip on the muzzel and say "NO BITE" after awhile he should get the message but you need to be consistant with it.I am glad it sounds like you truley care for the JR and are not quick to throw him away like others and you have patientce. Good luck.

Nov 27, 2009
Bite Master!
by: Anonymous

My daughter had a dog who insisted on biting her cat, so, she put a muzzle on him and he got over it in a hurry! Jacks are so smart, I'm sure he can be taught to get over this! Maybe try a muzzle for a few days and see what happens?
Good luck. I love my little Jack!

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