Patchy Patch Man

by Christine

Patch came to us from Florida after our 3-legged 13-year old dog died.Needless to say,he doesn't like the Michigan winters.He's a mama's boy,hides underneath her blanket for a nap.So we can tell that Jacks were raised to burrow and hunt vermin.He chases squirrels up the trees and is definitely a runner.We have to keep him tied up.He once snatched a bird out of midair.He goes crazy when the mailman comes,whenever anybody walks past the house for that matter.

Patch is a very intelligent dog.We never had to house train him.Whoever did that did a great job.He comes when called,has a huge vocabulary(spelling out words so he can't understand them doesn't work)and he dances.He's great at the vet's office and travels well.We drove all the way to Florida,he slept the whole time.
The only problems we have with him is the barking and him getting mad at people , biting them and throwing a barking fit when they leave the house.Even with his dad but not me.
We love him to death though.He's been a great joy to us

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Jan 19, 2010
by: michele

tine he is so cute. thats a cool site for jack russells

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