Pason Russell Potty Training

by Carol

I have done all the things I'm supposed to do, but my Parsons Russell refuses to do her business outside. The Jack Russell trained really easy.

Editor Suggestions

Hi Carol,

We need a few more details such as the age of your Parson Russell. For example, as a rule of thumb, dog's in general can hold urine based on the age in months plus one. So a 5 month old pup can old urine about 6 hours. This helps to set some expectations.

As your probably know, any dog will want to keep the place they sleep and eat free of any urine. Our favorite technique for puppies age 2 to 3 months is to keep your Parson Russell in a bathroom or pen area. Put newspaper on one end (or a pee pad), and food/bedding at the other end. The Parson Russell will quickly learn to urinate where the paper or pee pad is located. Once this occurs you can allow the puppy into other areas of the home. At 3 months, shift to training the pup to go in a selected outdoor area as described below.

In puppies older than 3 months, it is important that all training point to outdoor urination. Pick a urination and feces location where you take your Jack outside several times a day. If you can, place some newspaper in the area that already has some of the Parson's urine on it to make it familiar. Bring your do to the location as soon as you wake in the morning, about 15 minutes after eating breakfast, mid afternoon, after dinner and before you turn in for the night. If you Paron was napping, take him to the outdoor spot right after as well.

Walk your Parson up and down near the spot with no other activities allowed other than going to the bathroom. Pick a command such as "hurry up" so that there is some learning that the command means go to the bathroom. Do not move if your dog urinates correctly, and then when it does, provide praise or some other type of meaningful reward.

Do not go right back into your home after the Parson Russell defecates or urinates. Going back inside immediately for a Parson or Jack Russell is a disappointment or negative reward. Additional time outside is a positive reward.

Repeating this approach should take hold in several days, regardless of the age of the dog.

If this approach then try confining your Parson to a small space in the home such as a crate or penned in area (don't use a crate if the dog isn't used to it as you do not want to create a stressful situation for your dog). They will not want to soil the area where they are standing. Keep your Parson in the space for 15 minutes and then go to the selected outside area. Try and get your Parson to have to urinate by providing a favorite liquid such as chicken broth or chicken soup. After going correctly outdoors, allow the Parson some greater freedom to roam.

Also, never punish a dog for an accident. Punishment will just confuse them or indicate that it is best to urinate in the home when you aren't around. If there is an accident, clean it quickly with a product that removes the smell. Use an enzyme based product such as natures miracle, not an ammonia based product as ammonia can smell like urine.

Readers....your turn with some suggestions regarding puppy house training, housebreaking and potty training...

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