Our Little Princess

by Claire Golledge
(Cheshire, UK)

Our Princess...

Our Princess...

We got our Jack Russell at 3 months old. We weren't looking for a Jack Russell at all. We just wanted a small, family dog preferably one that didnt yap (I know we were asking alot). We saw an advert for Miniature Jack Russell pups for sale so thought a look would be worth it. As soon as we saw our baby we were in love. She was so cute, such a little Princess so that's what she was named...Princess. She is now 8 1/2 months old and we couldn't imagine life without her. She is so loving, friendly and funny. She has us in fits of laughter sometimes when her top lip gets stuck on her gum and she looks like shes smiling or when shes off the lead and she runs so fast like a rabbit (I have never seen a dog run so fast). And as for the barking we are so lucky, she hardly ever barks. She loves big walks, her toys and sitting on our knee at any opportunity even when we are driving!! :-)

She comes everywhere with us and is such an important part of our life's and we would both highly recommend a Jack to anybody looking for a fantastic dog.

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