Our Baby Charlie

by Christine Shortt
(Ontario, Canada)

Say Hello to Charlie!

Say Hello to Charlie!

We had owned a Jack Russell for almost 2 years and he lost his life to a trapper in a field that we had taken him for a year without incident. We were truly devastated and crushed. After the experience of having a Jack there was no other dog we could find that special bond with. This is Charlie. He is 8 months old and the love of our life. We love him so much and he gives it right back. He learned how to swim this summer and is an incredible jumper. He loves his walks on the government trails, they are safe and checked every couple of weeks. He is very affectionate to everyone and loves all other animals. We have never seen such a gentle nature in a Jack Russell. He just walks away if there is any issue. He is a little spoiled so he depends on us to protect him rather than him protect us. He loves playing and makes the strangest high pitch noises if he is trying to get one of our other dogs to give him the toy, which makes us laugh so much. Everyone in our town just loves to stop and say hi when he goes to the post office everyday. He really is spectacular and obviously beautiful. Charlie got a girlfriend a few months ago her name is Emma, she is a Jack Russell also and definitely rules the roost her for sure. They enjoy each others company so much, along with our big lab mix Sara. It is so great to have been blessed with Charlie. He is the smartest, cutest, loyal friend. We drove 11 hours there and back to get him in winter and l said l would never do that again but in hind sight l know we would if we felt that special love at first sight like we did in Charlie. He is our special little guy.

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