Oreo alias Peanut

by Kasey
(Pukalani, Hi. )

Sitting pretty for the photographer

Sitting pretty for the photographer

Oreo is a little J.R. I bought just under a years ago from a gal here in Hawaii. She is almost full grown and stands about 12 inches tall, weight is 15lb. and she's tri color. Her temperament is the opposite of what Jack Russell's are known for. She's more on the mellow side, rarely chews up things, or tries to get out of the yard. Oreo is sweet, and loves to lick, lick, lick and when told no, she does not comprehend that word, and keeps up the licking thing... When I scold Mochi, her sidekick, she acts as if she is the one who's gotten a rebuke and tries to get back in my good graces. Oreo loves to chase things and hunt through our shed in the backyard for any sign of life in it. She'll also gather up all the other dog's bones, and stand vigil over "her" pile, tempting them to walk by her and then very softly growl as if warning them, "don't even think about 'em buddy". She's a good dog, faithful like all dogs should be! You can visit our site at http://jugdogshawaii.com to see more pictures of her and our Jug dog Mochi. (Her sidekick). The wonder dogz:)

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