Not sure

by Sugar
(Charlotte, NC, US)

Hi, could you give me some advice about letting my jrt sleep in the bed? She is around 20 wks old and she seems to want to be close to me alot. I do like it but wondering if it is a good ideal? Or is it best to have their own sleeping area? Thank you

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May 29, 2010
not sure
by: china's mom

Come on............we only live once!! Let the little guy's in. My JRT is almost 11 years old and now I find it hard to sleep without her!

Jan 13, 2010
sleeping in bed..
by: Dani

I have 2 Jacks.. a 9 year old male and a newly adopted 5 month old female. Both sleep in bed with my boyfriend and I. The male actually has his own bed in the bedroom closet where he lays for an hour or so before he gets in bed with us. He's done this since he was a puppy. (I think he just waits for us to warm the bed up =) The puppy gets in bed right away. Both sleep under the covers (opposite sides of the bed), although I try to keep the puppy out until she's a little older because they overheat easily. I think we are their security blanket and that is OK with me! The only downfall I've come across allowing them to sleep in bed - I can't sleep without them! I don't travel much, but when I do I find I'm waking up every couple of hours. Maybe they are my security blanket =) Good Luck!

Oct 24, 2009
Dogs in the bed...
by: Laurie Ann Powell

Hi! You know how I look at it? I feel that everyone is different. From the perspective of our pets, of course they want to be close to us. I have two Jacks, and I have two pet kennels. There are times where you may want privacy in bed, and then you can put your dogs in their kennels. We have our Jacks, Chasie and Chloe, who sleep in bed with us. Chasie sleeps on the bottom of the bed, and Chloe sleeps on one side. If they aren't bothering you, and you are not losing sleep because they are there, then by all means, let them be with you. If they are posing a problem, then let them sleep in their own space...Good Luck...

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