New Jack Owner

by Stephanie
(Ontario, Canada)

"Jackie" is our new addition to the family. She is about a year and a half and is full of spunk! She is funny and energetic and cute as pie. My husband decided to surprise me with her apparently I needed

company!) She had been here a week, we love her! She is potty trained, knows when it is bedtime and where she sleeps (in our room of course) and she absolutely adores "squeaky" toys!! Because we are new to this and her. I have a few questions that I hope someone can answer; she is very protective, yet will go to any "human" she seems to have a problem with other dogs, cats, etc. Will that ever change and what can we do to help
her comfort zone with them? (we have two dogs next door - blue healer and another little one, and my friend has a black lab) I have read almost everything on your website (knowledge is everything - great site by the way!!) and, do they ever calm down?? ;)

I appreciate your help, and just like any new parent, we are trying to do what is best and educate ourselves as much as possible!

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Sep 18, 2008
Calm Down???
by: Robyn

I don't think that Jacks calm down much, but they can be taught to be boisterous at appropriate times (well, nearly always). I have 4 terriers, but only one is a JRT, but my friend has 2 Jacks aged 4 (she got them together from the same litter), and they are both very well behaved when it counts - in the car, visiting, and at night.

My Boadecea can be snappy and she is very possessive and would be worse except that my older MaltieX keeps her in line.

My advice is to socialize with other dogs and people, always correcting inappropriate behavior and ensuring that your dog knows that the alpha dog is you. I personally think that doggie training with an experienced trainer is a must for these dogs.My other 3 are terriers, too, but they were relatively easy compared with Boadie.

Whatever, they are lovely dogs and work their way into a special place in your heart, but they can be a trial of not under some level of control!

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