Needs A Good Home

by Angela

I wish I had come across this site a year ago...

A friend gave me "Jack" last year after they could no longer care for him. Boy, did I get a surprise. I have owned quite a few different breeds, but never did I realize that any could be so intense as this little guy. He has bonded to me like glue (I drive a semi over the road and he is with me 24/7). While he loves riding in the truck, I do feel that the lifestyle is much too sedentary for him. I wonder if you might give me some advice on how to deal in his best interests. It would hurt me a great deal to not be with him, but also I know that he deserves more. I need to be able to place him with someone who truly understands his breed, but is finding that to be incredibly frustrating. I know that I was ignorant about them and feel that most other people are as well. He is very special, anything that you can suggest would be greatly appreciated by us both.

Thank you -Ang and Jack

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Feb 02, 2009
They Love To Go!!
by: Dlyncottn

I agree with the others. Jack's love to "GO". I'll bet HE is perfectly content. I'm sure it isn't the easiest situation for you, but if you can handle it...please do! They make such a strong bond with their humans. Switching owners is what creates "problem" dogs.

Jan 12, 2009
by: Anonymous

I concur with the earlier statement. The dog you care so kindly about, would surely miss the open road, the importance of his job as co-pilot, and the pleasure of your company.

With warm regards, Tom

Sep 07, 2008
JRTs Need Love
by: Robyn

It must be so hard to feel you need to give him away. He clearly has company, and he likes to travel. As long as he is well, and happy and healthy, perhaps he is better with a loving owner and an unusual lifestyle.

I don't know, I just know that love means a lot to these little guys.

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