Need Advice for Rescued JRT

by Kelle
(Atlanta, GA)



To be honest I'm not 100% sure that my new adoptee is a JRT. The rescue group said he was a chihuahua/terrier mix. Based on photos and his energy level, I believe he is a JRT.

Merlin is 3 years old. He came from an apparently neglectful, perhaps abusive, background. He was never allowed in the house, tries to chew on leashes and is terrified of men.

Since bringing him home I'm having a hard time with house training. He will go outside at times....sometimes he'll use puppy pads in the house, but sometimes he waits too long and just pees on the floor. When he poops in the house he doesn't try to hit the puppy pads.

I have a doggy door to an enclosed area in the backyard, all grass. He doesn't seem to understand he can go out there to potty when he needs to, if I'm not home. He also hasn't figured out how to let me know if he needs to go. I hoped my 1 yr old Japanese chin dog could show him the ropes, but so far no dice.

Does anyone have advice for me? I have to admit I wouldn't have been crazy about getting a JRT if I had known that's what he was....they are so full of energy, I've always thought they would be hard to live with. But now Merlin is here and I love him already. I'll find a way to make things work, but it sure would be nice to get some sound advice.

Thank you!

Kelle Watts

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Nov 04, 2008
Rescued JRT
by: Karen

Hi There, What a cute dog. He definitely looks to have terrier in him, it's hard to say by his photo though, maybe if you sent in a full picture of him showing his entire body.

Regarding your puppy training I think that you should get rid of the puppy pads, I always thought they encouraged them to do their business in the house. I have always been a true believer that you should never use them.

I would try bring him out consistently every hour or so, and encourage him to "go", and them give him LOTS of praise, even starting out with giving him treats when he does "go" outside.

Good Luck, and send another pic so maybe we can figure out what he is mixed with!

Karen in Massachusetts

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