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Natural Remedies for Patellar Luxation

We rescued a 1.5 year old jack russell shorty in Jan 2008 and noticed she was limping on her back right hind legs the first time we took her to the vet they thought it was from an ingrown toenail on her back right hind leg, she seemed to be a little bit better after they trimmed the toenail, but lately she has been limping again and the vet thinks she has a patellar luxation in her right knee and recommended anti-inflamatories for her knee and stated she would need to have her blood checked because the drugs could damage her liver, are there any other natural remedies for this issue???


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Sep 21, 2011
Natural Remedy for LP
by: Erin

I work for a company called Organic Pet Superfood and this may be your solution! Check out our JOINTS product.

Here's some information on the product (added by JRTP editor)

Chihuahua's and their little knees!

After moving to Denver, I saw few things more often as compared to living in Boulder. The first thing I noticed were that as one can imagine, there are way more cars in Denver! Secondly, Denverites have quite the affinity for Chihuahua?s. I mean, they are everywhere! I?ve grown quite fond of the little guys. That being said with every dog has its genetic health issues and with those health issues come some natural ways to ease discomfort.

An unusual issue I?ve read about recently involving Chihuahua?s is called luxation of the patella, which is a dislocated kneecap. Research shows that this is a very common hereditary problem that affects Chihuahuas and other small dogs. Unfortunately only things like surgery can actually attempt to fix luxation of the patella, but there may be ways to ease the pain. Doctors may prescribe anti-inflammatory medicines or other medication to ease the pain but there are natural ways to help inflammation and discomfort.

Organic Pet Superfood?s JOINTS product has been shown to ease both pain and discomfort that comes along with joint/bone issues. Our unique medicinal mushrooms fight free radical cell damage caused by age, exercise and stress. JOINTS aids circulation, eliminates toxins and fights inflammation. Additionally, JOINTS is made with NEMĀ® (Natural Eggshell Membrane) ? clinically proven to reduce joint and soft tissue pain.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Oct 28, 2008
4 Weeks?
by: Anonymous

You waited 4 weeks to go to the vet? I would take him/her after a couple days and probably call them at least after 1 day.

A torn ACL is painful. Try walking around on a torn ACl for 4 weeks and you'll understand why you should go to the vet sooner.

Sep 05, 2008
ACL Tear
by: Anonymous

Two years ago my Jack Russell was running in the back yard and I heard a yipe. We waited for about 4 weeks to see if it would heal and she continued to limp. We took her to the vet and they took xrays. We found out the ACL tore and would require surgury. 2500.00 later she is running around again. Hopefully this is not the case for you and your dog! Good luck!!

May 15, 2008
Natural Remedies for Pets
by: Anonymous

Check out PetAlive.com, by Native Remedies, for 100% Natural and Safe Herbal Remedies for Pets. We have heard many good things about their products.

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