Mylo Dejohn

by angela ganey



mylo is my little love bug..he loves to interact and play with his brother simba...they are a joy to have as pets...there so funny..there sense of humour is remarkably funny...mylo is my baby,i got him first and bonded with him as soon as my eyes met his,,he is very loving,and loyal..he loves to run around the yard in the afternoons when it isnt so hot.but for most he loves to stay inside and play with his brother simba.his fav food is pedigree bites and his favorite toy is a smurf that i got him from a mcdonalds kid meal.his mother is maltese and his father is jack russell terrier..he was born september 5th 2013....i love my jacktese pups...there amazeing..i have enclosed a pic of mylo and a pic of mylo with his baby brother simba

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