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My Two Loving Dogs Spike and Titchie the Jack Russell Terrier

by Cathrine Grimsey



Well where do i begin ...

It was about 5 years ago and I was about 11, my nans dog passed away, I loved her dog a lot, and when she passed I was petrified of dogs, any dogs at that.
Then a year later at Christmas time I was reading the news paper with my mum, when we came across 4-5 pages of dogs that had been abandoned, after that my life changed, I was no longer afraid of dogs.
I badgered my Mum and Dad from that day on to rescue a dog, my mum would say no because of my dad being ill but my dad would say yes, so they came to an agreement, we would get a dog as long as it was a small on, instantly I thought .. Jack Russell!
Then in the new year we went to K9 Kennels just to have a little look, not expecting to find a dog, then the women walked out a male and female Jack Russell, my heart exploded for the male, he was full of excitement, "I want him" I said to my mum over and over again, we were talking to the man and he said that the male only came in a couple of days ago, so they would need to keep him in for at least a week in case the owners wanted him back, we left and went home...
Well the owners never came forward for him, I was at school and my mum sent me a picture of our dog and we decided on a name for him "Spike".
He had/has the cutest face in the world, its tri colored, black, white and brown.
Since then 4 years on and we still have our adorable Spike, we have had so many complements about him.
Hes great with kids, my niece was only a few months old when we got Spike, and he would lay next to her and he would let her pull him around and cuddling him, they became really close, and every time she was round and then had to go home he would
walk around the house looking for her thinking she was hiding from him.
Hes the softest dog in the world and people put Jack Russells down and I dont like that.
Then 3 months ago we decided we wanted to rescue a female as a companion for Spike.
I decided to register on a website called pre loved, there was where we found our second dog Titchie, a border collie x jack Russell, again tri colored.
She was on her second owner, her first owner used her for breeding and never let her out for walks, so she had never seen buses and lorry's, and many more things, so her second owner rescued her from there, but a year on from when she rescued Titchie she found out her cancer had come back, and she needed to stay with her son in his flat so couldn't take Titchie with her, so she decided she wanted to find a new home for Titchie. which is where we came in, we spoke a little over the phone, then I went away for the weekend with my partner leaving my mum to handle the Titchie business.
And when i came home ... I was greeted my her and Spike.
We didn't know a lot about Titchie like when her last heat cycle was so it was just a matter of waiting, but then after having her for a week she went into heat, we tried keeping them apart but Spike got to her, now we "think" Titchie is pregnant but wont know for sure until she balloons out.
There is a little jealousy going on between the two we think but do not know weather its because she pregnant, we show her attention and Spike dont like it but when we show Spike attention Titchie don't like it. He does growl and they have had a fight, we are now planning on getting Spike done, which we think this might calm him down.
But apart from that they are docile calm and very loving. We have very lucky to have our two angels !
Thank you for reading. xx

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Nov 29, 2010
by: ScooterMama59

I think that your girl just might be pregnant too. A good sign is when the male becomes jealous and more needy.

They are lovely and I thank you for the great story.

Yes, some people are not very nice in how they speak about JRT/mixes, but that's because they don't really understand the breed.

I love them just like you and I'll bet those puppies are going to be wonderful!

Have a great day in the UK!
Stef, Belgium, TEXAN JRT LOVER!

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