My Spring Planting

by Rhonda
(Caldwell, Id)

This is my newest memeber Kolt. He is 2 1/2 months old. He is Jack Russell and American Hairless (Rat Terrier). I think he is going to look a lot more like a Jack. I resuced his mom and in March she gave me 4 beutiful little boys, all marked black and White. I had promised my granddaughter one for her birthday. This is her first pet that isn't a fish or reptile. She really worked to get this pup. Keeping her grades up and earning money to buy his toys. So she got one of the pups and her aunt also took one. The fourth went to the gal that owned the dad. I never planned to keep one of the pups but I'm glad now because he is such a stinker. Plus he has brought a whole other side out of his mom. I never realized she could be so playful.

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