My Molly, My Molly, My Molly

by Beth Lovern
(South Carolina )

I have a beautiful Jack Russell. Her name is Molly and she is about 7 years old (per the vet). Molly comes from an abusive home. I found her about 1 1/2 years ago and rescued her. She now lives with me and I just love her. She gets along so well with my rat terrier and shaggy shitz. But the only problem I have with Molly is her barking. Molly barks - all - the - time!!! My other two dogs bark when someone comes to the store, but when I say enough they stop. Molly on the other hand will not stop. I tried the paper, but Molly will run behind the sofa or under the bed. Then I just feel awful. Please help. I love her so much .. I am just at my wits end. Not enough to get rid of Molly, but I just need a little sanity:). Thanks for your help.

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Jan 22, 2009
What I Do...
by: Glen

I have a JRT who also likes to bark a lot. I have discovered that by shaking a soda can containing between 10 - 15 pennies will do the trick.

Nov 20, 2008
Tri Tronics Bark Limiter XS
by: Stefanie

I have a little jrt also. She loves to bark. I've managed to control most of her barking with this tri tronics bark limiting collar. You can set the amount of static it emits; i have never had to go past 2. Also, it has a very long battery life because it it has auto on and off when it is still for 30 minutes. It will turn on instantly when the dog moves or you pick it up to put it on the dog. You can manually turn it off and it will blink before turning off. the number of blinks reflect how many corrections were given to the dog. Now, when my dog barks, I just need to show her the collar and she will stop barking. Some people don't like this but incessant barking is also not good for the dog either.

I like this company because you don't have to replace the batter as often as other company's and it is very hardy..made by a hunting company. Also, this model is the extra small one so it is a good size for a jrt. You can replace the provided collar with a more comfortable one very easily.

Also, their costumer service was surprisingly good! (ps. I don't work for this company but I was happy that this product worked so well because we needed it to bring Penny on a 10 hour plane ride back to the US from Japan).

I hope this helps!

Nov 20, 2008
Some Advice
by: Maggie

Barking can become a problem, and if allowed to continue will become a habit which is very hard to break.

I have seen some success by spraying with water every time she barks. Keep a spray bottle handy and give her a good squirt as she starts barking, do not give up soon, even if she runs away and hides. She has got to start associating the bottle with her bad behaviour, ie. see bottle and stop!!!

Another more drastic measure is the barking colour, it is available her in South Africa so I am pretty sure you must have it there as well.

It works off a battery and inflicts a tiny "sting" every time she barks, this would be my last option though. I am told that it really works, proved over and over and does not cause pain at all.

Good luck with Molly, she does sound like a great little girl!!!!

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